Elvire Caillon


French artist Elvire Caillon (b. 1989) is best known for her vibrant depictions of candid scenes from everyday life. Caillon portrays the subject matter and figures in her artworks in an unconventional manner – specifically, situating figures in her paintings similar to how actors and actresses are spotlighted on a theater stage. Caillon completed her studies in Arts plastiques at the Estienne School and Beaux Arts in Paris. For Caillon, color is a language in itself: she seeks to establish multidimensional scenes in her paintings through the use of solid areas of primary colors. Within her paintings, Caillon ultimately seeks to portray not just human relationships in action, but also snapshots of human life that reflect the transience of material life within the natural world.


Born on 13/09/1989 in Paris


2020     Galerie Liusa Wang, Paris : Running in the theatre, exhibition with Alice Browne

2019      Villa Belleville, Paris : Tapis !, artist carpet exhibition, curated by Orphée Salvy

2019           Salon de Montrouge, “64th edition of the Salon”, curated by Ami Barak et Marie Gautier

2018         Villa Médicis, Rome : Villa Pazza (Notte Bianca), curated by Théo-Mario Coppola

2017    Pavillon Carré de Baudoin, Paris : “Dans la place” curated by Stéphane Corréard

2017  Galerie Treize-Dix, Paris : “Quoi de neuf ? Savignac”, invitation by Michel Lagarde

2017    Villa Belleville, Paris : “How do you know tomorrow has started if there’s no night ?”

2016    Glassbox, Paris : “Là-bas”, curated by Théo-Mario Coppola

2016     HLM/Hors Les Murs, Marseille : “Crête à creux”,

2015         Espace Beaurepaire, Paris : “Crisscross”, exhibition of collective stamps

2015      Griffin Gallery, Londres : “Selective memories”, exhibition of collective stamps

2014      Beaux-Arts de Paris : serving suggestion, DNSAP

2010      Théâtre de la Commune, Aubervilliers : “Les Figurants”, personal exhibition



2021        Théâtre de Nanterre Amandiers : Conception of the show «Tempura Cockpit» with Léonard Martin

2020        Hermès : Creation of a window display for a boutique in Singapour, collaborating with Léonard Martin

2019         Cracki records : Visual identity of the Mirélo festival 2020, Marseille

2018         Les Indépendances : creation of a notebook cover for, Maison de production théatrale

2017         Agnès b. : creation of a kids collection in France and a Japanese line    “To b.” for summer 2018

2016         Bouygues Construction : mural painting on the construction site of the ZAC of the Batignolles

2016         Festival Pampa : visual idnetity of the festival and theatre

2014-2016         INfluencia : different illustrations for the magazine

2014         Bagarre : associated to the french music band

2012         Galerie Marian Goodman Paris : creation of the «Wall   drawings» for Sol Lewitt’s exhibition

2012         Théâtre National de Strasbourg : Scenography of the play, “Toboggan” by Gildas Milin           Actes-Sud Papiers : Illustration fo the cover of the text in Toboggan



2014            Beaux-Arts de Paris : DNSAP

2013            School of the Art Institute, Chicago, USA

2012            Beaux-Arts de Paris : DNAP

2009           Ecole Estienne (ESAIG) : DMA Illustration



2019-2020     Villa Belleville: coordinator at the screen printing workshop

2018      Association GFR / Collège La Courtille : workshop with a class in their last year of middleschool, La Courtille

2017-2018         Ateliers Médicis : «Création en cours» artistic reaserch grant and educational project carried out with two CM1 classes in a school of Montereau-Fault-Yonne (77)

2017        école Estienne /Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord : workshop dof one week with the illustartion students at the Estienne school for the show “Le Petit chaperon rouge” of Joël Pommerat

2017         Friche La Belle de mai : workshop of screen printing  with the kids of the neighbourhood at the residence, Astérides of Marseille.

2015     Centre culturel Edgar Quinet (La Courneuve) : workshop of screenprinting in collaboration with the collectif d’architecture Double M

2013-2014       Beaux-Arts de Paris : screenprinting instructor at ENSBA’s workshop



2020         Lafayette Anticipations : Residence and production grant at «à l’œuvre» with Léonard Martin

2020         Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud : Residence and création of «Festivini», with the wine union of the vins de Saumur

2019-2020         Cité Internationale des Arts : residence with Léonard Martin, Paris

2017-2018         Ateliers Médicis : Programme «Création en cours», artistic resarch grant and elementary school project at the Montereau-Fault-Yonne (77)

2017         Villa Belleville : residence and creation, Paris

2016      Astérides : residence and creation, Friche la Belle de mai, Marseille

2014         Prize winner of contemporary drawing at the cabinet of Jean Bonna, Beaux-Arts de Paris



2019        Catalogue of the 64th Salon de Montrouge : text by Françoise Doquiert

2019         Catalogue of the second exhibition «Création en cours» : project led by the Ateliers Médicis

2017        exhibition catalogue, “Dans la place” : Curated by Stéphane Corréard, text by Anna Bordenave