Erin Armstrong

Erin Armstrong is a contemporary figurative artist currently based in Toronto, Canada. Through her practice, she seeks to depict the conjuring of the human imagination in a tangible, visual manner through the use of bright colors and seemingly ambiguous shapes that evoke the fleeting quality of memories, experiences, and non-reality.


Born in 1990, lives and works in Toronto, Canada.


Solo Exhibitions

2021 “La Vie et Sa Danse”, LIUSA WANG, Paris France, [2 Person]                                                                       
2021 Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto, Canada [solo upcoming Sept 2021]                                                                       
2020 UNTITLED Art. Miami, Solo booth via Duran|Mashaal Gallery                                                                        
2020 “Crumbs In the Glitter” Duran| Mashaal Gallery, Montreal, Canada
2019  “The Space Between” Foster/White Gallery, Seattle, USA
2019 “Before They’re Gone”, Air Project Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland
2019 “Burden Of Broken Silence”, Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2017  “Dualities: A Bridge Between Two Worlds”, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2017 “Navigation Priveé”, Air Project Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland
2016  “Bloom Again” ArteMbassy, Toronto, Canada


Select Solo Exhibitions

2020 “Method III”, Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2020 Papier Art Fair, via Duran|Mashal Gallery, Montreal, Canada
2019  Art Miami, via Duran|Mashal Gallery, Miami, USA
2019   Art Toronto, Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2019  “Fresh Faces”, NewZones Gallery, Calgary, Canada
2019 “Method II”, Bau-Xi, Toronto, Canada
2019 “Papier”, Duran|Mashaal Gallery, Montreal, Canada
2019 “King Woman”, Presented by Donna Karan for ArtLeadHer and Ubran Zen, NYC, USA
2018  “Art Toronto”, Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2018 “Portraiture”, Foster/White Gallery, Seattle, USA
2018 Resident, NYC, USA
2017  “Context Miami”, Bau-XI Gallery, Miami, USA
2017 “Art Toronto”, via Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2017 “New Artist Showcase”, Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2016 SCOPE Art Fair, Miami, USA
2016 “The Way The Wind Blows” The Drake Devonshire
2016 “Perenielle” Michele Mariaud Gallery, NYC, USA
2016  Group, Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh, UK
2016 Edinburgh Art Fair, Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland
2016  Manchester Art Fair, Arusha Gallery, Manchester, UK
2016 Art and Rental Sales Gallery, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada
2016 OTOMYS,  Melbourne, Australia
2016 “Affordable Art Fair”, Arusha Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
2016 Glasgow Art Fair, Arusha Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland
2016 Affordable Art Fair, Arusha Gallery, Battersea, UK
2015 “The Artist Project”, Better Living Centre, Toronto, Canada
2014  Art Toronto | Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto, Canada
2014 Affordable Art Fair, NYC, USA
2014 “Observations”  OCAD University, Toronto, Canada
2014 “Rogers Cup 2014”, via Marcia Rafelman Fine Arts, Toronto, Canada
2014 New Lines, Michele Mariaud Gallery, NYC, USA
2014 Spring, Marcia Rafelman Fine Art, Toronto, Canada
2014 Wall to Wall, The Art Yard,  Toronto, Canada
2014 “The Artist Project”, Better Living Centre, Toronto, Canada



2021 Vermont Studio Centre, Johnson, Vermont
2018 ESXLA, East Side International, Los Angeles, California
2018  ArtScape Gibralter Point Residency, Toronto Island
2019 Meet Resident, Brooklyn, NYC


Corporate collaborations

Nike, Toronto
The Century Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles
The Broadview Hotel, Toronto
The Drake Hotel, Toronto + PEC
Hullmark, Toronto
The Langham Hotel, Boston