🗻 – Diego Salvador Rios

19.04.2019 - 31.05.2019
18.04.2019 18h - 21h
15 Boulevard Saint-Germain,75005

Galerie Liusa Wang is delighted to present the exhibition “🗻” of Diego Salvador Rios.

From April 19 to May 31, Galerie Liusa Wang presents for the first time the works of Diego Salvador Rios. Through this exhibition, Diego Salvador Rios explores the concept of landscape. Influenced by Buddhism, meditation and asian culture, he reinvents the mountains he sees from his studio and proposes a personal vision of nature for the gallery. Paintings, photographs, sculptures, videos and installations, the exhibition includes a great diversity of media.


An atypical artist in residence in Paris.

Artist unclassifiable, Diego Salvador Rios is unconventional. He doesn’t want to be classified into any current, any group. He amazes and challenges the viewers. Invited by Galerie Liusa Wang for a one-month residence in Paris, he imagines and creates unexhibited works especially for the gallery.


The highlighted landscape

Diego Salvador Rios is particularly interested in landscape. The exhibition will be presented in an unadorned way, at the same time, the artist challenges our senses. He guides the viewers to see, to feel, and to hear. Noises, unusual scents, a sculpture garden perched in the middle of the gallery and a series of sunsets, Diego Salvador Rios plunges the visitor into a real atmosphere that leads to peaceful meditation and contemplation.

The non-human world

Inspired by his surroundings, Diego Salvador Rios is interested in everything humans interact with, which is considered as non-human, such as objects, animals or artificial intelligences. This concept can be subtly found in his works and present a sensitive universe.

A new visiting experience

Diego Salvador Rios wants to change the behavior of visiting art galleries. Highly influenced by Buddhism and meditation, Diego Salvador Rios would like the visitors to contemplate the works, to take the time to observe them. Time will stop at the gallery and Diego Salvador Rios invites visitors to experience a real sensory experience.

About Diego Salvador Rios

Diego Salvador Rios, born in 1988, in Mexico City. He studied Fine Arts and Philosophy in Mexico City. This is the first time that Diego Salvador Rios exhibits in Paris. He began his career as an artist at the age of seventeen after a classical training where he studied Fine Arts. Drawing, writing, found objects and the influence of his surroundings are part of his art practice, which is a reflection of society and power. His work often engages the viewer with performative gestures and diverse media such as sculpture, sound and painting.