A Thousand Miles

01/12/2016 – 05/01/2017  
01/12/2016 18h-21h
Galerie Liusa Wang (15 boulevard Saint-Germain 75005 Paris)



Had done their promising entree in 2015, Guo Donglai and Xie Yuning, artists that we are already familiarized by their exhibitions En un Clin d’Œil and Le Monde Saha showed in our gallery, coming back together this December for presenting their new group show A Thousand Miles, in which we encounter their latest works inspired by a journey of « Odyssey » from Beijing all the way to the very end of Tibet.

The artists brought us works displayed the most profound night of tibet, and the most solemn mountain himalaya. They carry the enternal view with them. The pilgrimage road was not towarding gods whom we still doubt the existence, but towarding the hidden sacred of an unkown end – a bless that which we call today the encounter, the inspiration or the enlightment.

Always passionate with Buddhism, Guo Donglai marked his journey in a private ritual. The installation that artist created for this project – a stone fixed in a transparent resinous column – implied a floating, balance and serene status. In the capital of “heart of the world” (Kailash mountain), the artist recorded altitude, longitude and latitude at every rise and sunset. This rock symbolized materialization in those rigorous numbers for measuring the nature, just like by moving physique bodies and spiritual measure of the distance between the “sky/Tibet” and the “earth/Beijing”. This is where the invented rules and spontaneity meet harmoniously. Guo seeked to re-familiarize, to traverse this terrestrial pilgrimage, the nature that we naively thought we had already known very well.

The journey of Xie Yuning landed in an adventure of sound: the river, the wind blowing on this millionaire plateau, the hustle ancient market of minority, the ditty hummed by a Tibetan adolescent. They are actually the immensity of cosmos murmuring to artist’s ear. The sound installation and those porcelain paintings that Xie created since she got back from Tibet are retracing this “celestial route” in which she pursued an “epiphany” of existing sense, and an artistic “eureka”.

The artists have both chose a laconic language to express the infinity and fertility from which they could collect along the journey. If the appearance of their works look like pursuing, like always, to be poetic, then this seem to be a term too light for putting weight on a space filled with metaphor and meditation where the artists reflect about their works – the works help us traverse Le Monde Saha in a blink of heart.