After Sunset

06.10.18 - 17.11.18
Galerie Liusa Wang





The After Sunset project is presented in Paris for the first time after a similar exhibition in 2017 at the MoCA Pavilion (Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai). The installation is curated by Xn Office and is visible only from the outside of the gallery from sunset until early morning.

This project, organized as part of the Parisian event Nuit Blanche 2018, brings together 45 young artists of different nationalities who contribute through the singularity of their work to a single luminous installation.

“A cabinet of curiosities” enlightened by contemporary art

Exhibit a work whose light is the medium. It consists of the unifying illumination of an architectural space. What would it look like if all the works were put together in one space, and if so confined they communicated and interfered with each other? The vibrancy of the colors of each work could influence others. In such a context, they would then form one and the same piece of light art. This installation with multiple “contributors” goes beyond our usual understanding of an exhibition. The installation will be operated and visible between sunset and sunrise. During the day, the exhibition space will be similar to a warehouse – objects and devices left visible in the same room. And then at dusk, the place arouses curiosity. The inverted opening rhythm opens the possibility of a meeting with an unexpected audience. Art lovers will be able to visit as soon as the light is on, the tourists will pass in, the drivers immobilized on the boulevard Saint-Germain will be able to admire the works until the fire goes green. Perhaps, too, late at night (or early morning), drunk onlookers will sit in the light of the installation, savoring the view? It could also be an easily identifiable meeting point. The exhibition is then an indefinite event open to all possibilities.


Xⁿ Office is a curator group initiated by art history researcher Xu Dan (Penny) and artist Ni Youyu. In the mathematical language, X is variable, could be any number, letter or equation. N refers to all natural numbers. They both link to the concept of “Infinitive variation”. In the Chinese language, X and N are also the capital letters of the word “virtual”, Xⁿ Office is not a physical space. It refers to the conceptual space with the aim of developing a series of research-based experimental art projects.


AKIBA Kohei, CAI Dongdong, CHEN Yufan, CHEN Yujun, CHU Hongrui, Christophe DEMAITRE, DING Shiwei, FAN Xi, GAO Lei, GAO Ludi, GUO Donglai, HE Xiangyu, HU Renyi, LI Qing, LI Wei, LIAO Fei, LIN Qing, LIU Wa, LU Chao, LU Chen, MA Lingli, NA Buqi, NI Youyu, Quadrature, SHANG Yixin, SHAO Wenhuan, SHEN Han, SHI Zhiying, SUN Jinglin, TONG Kunniao, WANG Peiqi, WANG Yi, WU Di, WU Juehui, XIE Fan, XIE Yuning, XU Wenkai (aaajiao), YANG Junling, YANG Xinguang, YANG Xun, ZHANG Jiaxing, ZHAO Duan, ZHOU Yilun, ZHU Xi.