Ahhh Tokyo – Campbell La Pun

26/03/2015 – 16/04/2015
26/03/2015 18h-21h
Galerie Liusa Wang (15 boulevard Saint-Germain 7)

A native of Melbourne, based in Tokyo, Campbell La Pun (born in 1983 in New Zealand) immerses his paintings in a must of popular culture. He is influenced by characters from iconic films, retro video games, comics and Japanese manga. His images take us on a vertiginous journey through the aesthetics of the urban stencil accessing the delicious world of Kawaii and Kimochi sensation.

Using all the accessories at his disposal, from simple brush to aerosol stencils, La Pun openly projects us into the modern world. His paintings reflect the dizzying lines of pattern, color, and form that manifest in images of pop culture iconography and advertising of the alter globalist market. His works attack our senses at every moment. Each image is a juxtaposition of East and West, America and Japan. This world of neon and colorful candy comes alive in a sweet madness that blinks perpetually in the artificial luminosity of Times Square in New York and the Shibuya district in Tokyo.