Running in the Theatre

10.17.2020 - 01.09.2020
10.17.2020 12 pm - 8 pm
77 Rue des Archives, 75003 Paris

LIUSA WANG is pleased to present the first exhibition in our new space, “Running in the Theatre,” featuring Alice Browne and Elvire Caillon.

Conveying a sense of fictional reality, both artists’ paintings highlight different facets of human experience. They present images of distortion, where the perception between what is real and genuine merges with the staged.

Browne’s artworks display a reality composed of spaces, symbols and movements, where objects rebel against the rules of gravity. Observations of her own environment overlap with travel experiences, philosophical thought, and cross-disciplinary visual trends. Through a mixture of visual layering and bold colours, her artworks invite viewers to enter into a labyrinthine theatre. She acknowledges her choice to capture the pleasurable chaos that she experiences in exploring connective thoughts and histories.

Believing that the influence of emotional state and human experience can alter the comprehension of information, she says, “There is no perfection, no truth; instead, I hope to make works that create a tactile experience that embraces the mutability and failings of human experience.”

For Caillon, the themes of childhood, leisure, and permanent adventure provide much inspiration. The whimsical characters traveling the world in Caillon’s paintings are depicted as inherently carefree, at ease, and appreciative of life, whether they be at the museum, by the water’s edge, or surrounded by Ancient Roman architecture. From intimate conversations to affectionate touch, Caillon captures snapshots of such candid, everyday life in her practice.

In the beginning of her artistic career, Caillon’s involvement in the theatre play Toboggan led her to create paintings as a dramaturg. Caillon is fascinated with highlighting the nuanced happenings of human relationships – specifically, situating figures in her paintings in the way that actors and actresses are spotlighted on a theater stage. Further influenced by her childhood in which she was often surrounded by individuals working in theatre, Caillon says, “I consider people more as characters and I am interested in how their environments appear as settings.”

Wandering inside their theatres, not unlike how one is awake inside a dream, Alice Browne and Elvire Caillon harness the power of observation to create artworks that depict a deep love of the material world and the  human relationships it encompasses.