Strangers – JIN Yunpeng

15/01/2015 – 14/03/2015  
15/01/2015 18h-21h
Address : Galerie Liusa Wang (15 boulevard Saint-Germain 7)

Born in 1982 in Boading, Hebei Province, China, JIN Yunpeng graduated from the Scenography Department of the Central Academy of Dramatic Arts in Beijing.

Installed in Beijing since 2006, Jin Yunpeng seems not to be bothered by this modern and noisy city. Jin specialized in oil painting, especially in portraiture. His job is to develop every detail of the personage represented.

JIN Yunpeng paints portraits of unknown characters in the manner of a photographic shot. The different angles of view show genre scenes anecdotal or familiar. The viewer had to make mental constructions to create a story. “Strangers” are the characters represented through the play of modulations of colored keys suggesting the volume and the depth and the contrast of the chiaroscuro which emphasizes the silhouette or the face of the portrait.

It is time for us to be absorbed by the magnetism that emanates from these strangers. “The stranger may be a friend you do not know yet.”