Noise Signal Silence

23.11.2018 - 4.1.2019
23.11.2018 18h - 21h
15 Boulevard Saint-Germain,75005

Liusa Wang Gallery is pleased to present the new exhibition of the Berlin duo artist Quadrature, “Noise Signal Silence”.

For the first solo exhibition in Liusa Wang Gallery, Quadrature make us dive into the stars. They take us away, far from the Earth, beyond the atmosphere, and into the cosmos. They explore the strange and penetrating silence, noises and signals emitted in outer-space. Kinetic installation, photographs and video will punctuate the space of the gallery. A few years ago, Quadrature discovered ALMA, one of the largest radio telescope networks in the world, which marks a milestone in the artists’ works.

Since then, the use of scientific data has been an integral part of their artistic practice. Their works deal with the endless beauty of the universe and the methods humans employ to explore it. The cosmos serves to them as an unthinkable yet genuinely real place. A place full of concepts and superlatives which often transcend a common mind. Full of theories, that arise from enlightened reasoning but leave you with nothing but wonder, awe and (dis)belief.

The trinity of terms, Noise-Signal-Silence, embraces the various presented works, it entangles the particular stories and respective media ranging from machines to screen-based works to rather traditional prints. While the usage of data is a standard part of Quadratures artistic practice, they now focus on its special criteria and characteristics. “Noise” appears as the unfiltered raw input, as visual or acoustic irregular fluctuation that does not carry any meaningful content. The second term “signal” stands for any successfully transmitted or received electrical impulse. However it comprises much more: any noise can be turned into a signal by a conscious act, by deliberately interpreting the incoming data no longer as chaos but as significant information. Signals indicate the existence or occurrence of anything or anyone . “Silence” therefore is the absence of all input, may it be defined or not. It is left when all human means fail to express the indescribable. Or when no connection, no dialogue can be established. Freed from their original context, the aesthetic power of these scientific byproducts emerges. After all – although very different in details – we find common points between the work of artists and that of scientists: the effort to see through chaos and find its essence. The search for a part of truth in all this coincidence.

About Quadrature

Quadrature is an artists collective by Juliane Götz and Sebastian NeitschGraduated from the Burg Giebichenstein Universtity of Art and Design in Halle, Germany, they share a common interest in robotics, machines, light and space. They study the methods developed for several years to explore the universe. For Quadrature, the universe is like an immaterial but real space that evokes both fundamental emotions in humans and advanced scientific theories. Their works have been presented in international festivals and exhibitions, such as the Ars Electronica Museum, CYNETART in Hellerau, Künstlerhaus Wien, the International Biennial of Digital Arts in Montreal and the Modern Art Museum Santralistanbul Istanbul.