Nowhere to hide

08.11.2019 - 20.12.2019
07.11.2019 18h-21h
15 Boulevard Saint-Germain,75005

From November 8th to December 20th, Galerie Liusa Wang is pleased to present Guo Donglai’s new works, in the exhibition “Nowhere to hide”. He will present the works of acrylics on canvas and large installations mixing with natural elements, such as wood, stone or cement.


Minimalism and aesthetics of nihility

Through a game of lines and geometric shapes, Guo Donglai plunges us into a minimalist introspective universe with many questions. Pure lines, simple forms, he proposes an “aesthetic of nothingness” recalling the origin of the universe. The powerful mix of black and white mixed with wood, stone and newly metal and cement offers a meditative and conceptual exhibition. The artist affirmed: “These works are the essence of my thoughts through recent years.”


Artworks of mental images

Our five senses, and in particular sight, are generators of mental images. Guo Donglai focused on the perception of these images and the way humans memorize them. For him, men have a conscious grip or not on these images, so they respond to their desire by filtering and rejecting them instinctively. Yet, they do not disappear. They still exist in the universe. The concept of the artist is then to explore these abandoned images and reinvent them. He observes them meditatively and talks to them. He offers them another possibility and another choice of existence, so that they won’t have nowhere to hide. Thus, the images in the works are destined to remain in this world while the men have an ephemeral existence and will eventually disappear in the infinite universe.


About Guo Donglai

Guo Donglai was born in Beijing in 1985. After studying stage design at the National Academy of Chinese Theater Arts in 2012, he studied Visual Arts in 2015 in Lucas Cachions’ studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. in Italy. His conceptual works, where the border between art and nature has been erased, have been shown in China, Italy and France. He lives and works in Beijing.