Poétique Extraterrestre

08/07/2014 – 07/10/2014  
08/07/2014 18h-21h
Galerie Liusa Wang (15 boulevard Saint-Germain 7)

Born in Dongying (China) in 1981, CHENG Fan is passionate since his childhood by the diversity of shapes and colors, which allowed him to find his creative path. In 2004, he graduated from the Tianjin Institute of Fine Arts. Since he moved to France in 2005, his university studies and fine arts, has allowed him to obtain the DNSEP (with honors) and the MASTER (History of Art). In addition, he won the Young Artist / CHD prize in Montpellier in 2010. His creations have been exhibited in museums and galleries in France and abroad, some of which are part of private collections. Currently, he lives and works in his studio in Nîmes.

Cultural contradiction is always an axis of expression in its creation. Rather than playing with cultural codes, Cheng leads this game to the point where it dissolves into the absurd. For him, cultural contradictions are less an ideological question or an original anchor than an artistic material to be carried away, to this zone of dés-identification where the emptiness does not belong more to one tradition than to another, where sensations stand out from their reference burden … He has developed a plastic research on various investments in the choice of experimental mediums, in a refining plasticity, in a poetic singularity, particularly in a research on the difference between aesthetics Chinese and Western, in order to find the possibilities of the pictorial language and the contemporaneity of expression.