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13.09.2019 - 25.10.2019
12.09.2019 18h - 21h
15 Boulevard Saint-Germain,75005

From September 13 to October 25, Galerie Liusa Wang is pleased to present again Zhao Duan’s works. Featuring works on paper, on wood, and on plexiglass, the exhibition will showcase a diversity of mediums.


Time for performance

For Zhao Duan, art is first and foremost a performance in which body and time are intimately linked. She starts from action and elaborates a process that lasts in time and ends as an artwork. For this exhibition, the artist will present three new series, “Dictée”, “Voyage Sans Retour” and “赵 端 Zhao Duan” that recreate the notion of time. “I paint with speed, and time is transformed into shapes,” explains Zhao Duan. She plays between the ephemerality of performance and the present artworks in the exhibition.


The body as a medium

These performances involve the body of the artist, which is put to the test and becomes the medium. Duan draws circles constantly, mechanically and repetitively. As time passed, her body was exhausted, her hand weakened and this tedious process created a subtle and unpredictable composition. In the second series, it is her whole body that she solicits and that lays on plexiglass. Finally, in her latest series, her body becomes the tool of her creations, when listening to the noises surrounding her, she superimposes layers of colors on wood. What is presented is no longer simply the result of an emotion or an accumulation of actions, but rather the transformation of a body into a state of a tool, considered by the artist as the state zero of creation.


Art as experience

Through the works presented at the gallery, Zhao Duan experiments with new forms and diversifies its supports. Always in search of unusual possibilities, daring to use the various plastic expression, Zhao Duan explores and renews her artistic practice. She creates with great liberty, diverse mediums, and makes her art a real experience, including experience of the performance, in the use of different mediums and finally in the use of his body.


About Zhao Duan

Born November 24, 1981, in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, between Beijing, Korea and Russia. During her childhood, she took classes in drawing, dance, violin, and theater. She studies at Shenyang University, in department of oil painting. Zhao Duan lives in France since 2005. She studied at the Le Havre Art school, then at the Beaux-Arts in Toulouse. Her works are exhibited in prestigious private and public collections, notably those in Mac Val.