The Fan’s Blue

17/12/2015 – 28/01/2016  
17/12/2015 18h-21h
Galerie Liusa Wang (15 boulevard Saint-Germain 75005 Paris)

Born in Dongying, China, based in France, CHENG Fan received his double Master’s degree diploma at Paul Valéry University and atNîmes’ École Supérieure des beaux-arts. He is the recipient for the Young Artist CHD Prize in Montpellier in 2010. CHENG’s multiple exhibition experiences  build up an evergrowing recognition and gather collectors worldwide.

CHENG Fan devoted himself to a long-term research of mixed techniques, pursuing diversity of expression in the form of painting language. He uses all types of materials for his creations: carbon, Chinese paper, acrylic, pencil, colored ink, charcoal, and even coffee. The artist seems gather them randomly, while the matches are actually full of ingenuity, and speak out silently the artists’ thoughts towards life and philosophy.

Raised in the oriental culture, whilst possessing solid educational background of occidental Art History, CHENG Fan chooses blue as the matching point of these two different cultures, and gradually finds out his own identified art style. The Fan’s blue is delicate and flawless, humorous and elegant, mixing skillfully Chinese and western cultural elements.

What appears as cultural contradictions has always been the main topic in Cheng’s work. However, instead of playing with established codes or symbology, he takes the game to a vacuum area of de-identification, where one can ignore traditions, and only focus on the sensation.

The natural force here called Élan is the base to ensure life cycle its continuity. Water never stays still, it exists because it is running constantly; the crane is flying in a light and fleeting way as air does, rendering this moment eternal, and life’s Élan will continue providing vitality to each thing. In this series, CHENG painted parts of this Élan as a vital energy.

“Drawing figures, the beginning of civilization, and the possibility of being continuous, all of them are prioritized by visual comfort: comfort oneself, slow down, getting pure, and the elegance will come along.” Cheng Fan says. In his works, one can easily find a quirky balance: blue and red, oriental female beauty and occidental luxury, past and present, classic and modern, two-dimension and three-dimension. All those elements appear as contradictory yet he creates an harmony, patterned and funny at the same time. He blurs out the concepts of ancient and current; creates a new History based on an existing one. The artist uses light and an identical blue to express an elegant irony to construct a serious joke.