08.05.2014 – 08.07.2014  
Galerie Liusa Wang

Born in Tokyo in 1982, Kohei AKIBA finished his studies of oil painting at the Tokyo University of the Arts in 2009.

From now on, he continues his ambition to create with his appetite his very characteristic paintings: self-portraits of wild style!

A series of self-portraits composed of unstable lines, so rudely and so forcefully constructed that the paper is scratched; they furtively reveal the loneliness of the artist.

It seems that there is an internal struggle of the artist, who constantly questions the meaning of his own existence, shaking the heart of the viewer.

“When I create something, my mind becomes completely empty and I cannot think of anything else,” says the artist.

Kohei AKIBA saw his utopia in “truthful” pictures. Once he has captured the images, he places them on the canvas, the past bitter sugar is saved without lies.

His paintings show a good mastery of a variety of materials that have been thrown violently onto the canvas, and that really seem to be the result of a creation made of flesh and his own blood.