Dates : 21/10/20 - 24/10/10
Artists :
Booth : B211
Place : 9 Avenue Hoche, Paris 75008








This exhibition, titled Yellow Reflection, highlights the voices of seven European-based Chinese artists: aajiao, He Xiangyu, Musquiqui Chihying, Tian Dexi, Xie Lei, Yao Qingmei, and Zhao Duan. Under the theme of “yellow,” these artists have created artworks that delve into the discussion of stereotypes, cultural identity, and the artists’ positions as “yellow-skinned” individuals within the western-dominated art world.

The works in this exhibition tackle and answer a variety of issues, the overarching questions being: “How do foreign languages and novel experiences influence and distort an individual’s identity? How do foreign cultures ultimately affect transplanted individuals?”

This exhibition is an exploration, questioning, and contemplation of the reconstruction of identity for these artists, who are often seen as cultural outsiders in where they currently reside. Through their art, how do they express their own opinions and engage in cultural discourse? These artists refused to be oppressed by outdated Western perceptions and narratives. Instead, as immigrants who have first-handedly experienced life in both China and Europe, they create works depicting the individualistic narratives of their culturally amalgamated experiences