Double jeu

17.10.2020 - 09.01.2020
17.10.2020 12h - 20h
77 Rue des Archives, 75003 Paris



LIUSA WANG is pleased to present Double Jeu, an exhibition bringing together Alice Browne and Elvire Caillon, the first event to take place in the new gallery space. Both revealing different aspects of the human experience, their paintings present a certain ambiguity, where the true and the authentic merge with the staging.

In Alice’s paintings, the elements turn and objects float in the air. His works develop an art of storytelling, a world made up of spaces, symbols and movements. She thus confronts the observation of her own environment with her travel experiences or philosophical considerations.

Influenced by multiple artistic currents, she enjoys mixing visual codes and creates a palimpsest of signs and bright colors, inviting the viewer to enter her labyrinthine theater, a daydream or a sober intoxication. She claims the pleasure of the chaos in which she immerses herself by constantly cross-referencing stories and thoughts from various horizons. Convinced that human experiences and emotions have an important influence on the analysis of information, she declares: “There is no truth, no perfection; Rather, I hope to make works that create a sensory experience that bears witness to the permanent contradictions of human experience. « 

For his part, Elvire Caillon stages a society in which leisure is in the spotlight. She extensively explores the themes of childhood, play and “permanent adventure as a way of life”.

His paintings are inspired and thus, his painting suggests a lot. She restores the emotional charge of the image by neutralizing certain details of the shapes while playing on the different colors. At the museum, on the banks of a river or in the heart of ancient Rome transposed to our time, the characters in his paintings travel the world with the astonishment and jokes necessary for their survival. A few years ago, Elvira worked for a play -Toboggan by Gildas Milin-, imagining eight paintings that paraded on a scrolling canvas, participating in the dramaturgy of the show.

Fascinated by human relationships and what goes on around her, especially the links that are woven and unraveled between people, she tenderly captures the scenes formed by those who become her “extras”. Having grown up in the theater world, she readily declares: “I consider the inhabitants of my paintings as characters and am interested in the way their environment appears as a setting. « 

As they stroll through their own theaters, like beings awakened in a dream, Alice Browne and Elvire Caillon use the power of observation to show a strong empathy for the world around them. They provoke a real reflection born of multiple tensions, between the lucid awareness that everything changes and a utopian world.