Odeur à l’extérieur de sa fenêtre


Our daily landscape is full of windows. Small or big, luxurious or sober each of them has a story of its own. This exhibition is an opportunity to dive into the world of the artist through the look he has on the world of his window. His work reveals scenes of melancholic and dark life from the feelings of the artist.

For all of us, windows are an unconscious part of our lives. The views and framing of the landscapes of our past leave us with imperishable images that shape our memories.

The evocative power of these works, both visual and olfactory, focus on establishing a direct link with the visitor’s memory. In the manner of a pictorial Proust madeleine, the viewer can easily travel through the works of Zhou Tse in collaboration with diptyque will soon resurrect familiar situations or memories of childhood.

It is time for us to open a window on our memory and to be overwhelmed by the scents that emanate from these paintings.